From City Branding to Place Making: build a promise to the external world, but also to establish belongingness and goal-sharing related to the location

Âmbito Geográfico Nacional
Linha de Investigação Economia, Gestão, Empreendedorismo e Sustentabilidade
Investigadores : José Carvalho Vieira, Ricardo Costa, João M. S. Carvalho, Sandra Marnoto e Célio Sousa
Referência UNICES-07-2018   
Estado Em Curso

To check if Residents are an important target group for destination branding, since they, e.g., work as place ambassadors; to confirm that (Destination) branding often simplifies messages, but this could be not effective for complex brands; to verify, in what conditions Residents have a wider knowledge of the place and that vision could disagree with a simplified brand; to test if, positive place attitude and place behaviour of the Residents is increased with a higher brand complexity; to see if there is a stronger positive relationship between brand complexity and place attitude and behaviour within residents more than for tourists; and to provide City managers and marketers with the tools to lead the task to attract talent, investors, residents and visitors, while at the same time creating and maintaining a sense of place, a healthy community and portraying an image of their city residents can identify with.